"The articles in this magazine are intended to introduce a different way of thinking so that ideas and notions we take for granted can be reframed in such a way as to renew our life by making it more interesting, challenging, and rewarding."

-Heino Leis, Founder & Executive Director


The Greek origins of the word Metanoia [met-uh-noi-uh] convey the notion of an experience or a moment that is transformative.  In fact the change itself would be so remarkable as to shift paradigms and these shifts actually would cause a change in behavior and ultimately the consequences of those behaviors.


Publishers                            Salme Johannes Leis & Allison Patton
Copy Chief                            Caleb Ng
Executive Directors        JR Leis & Heino Leis
Director of Marketing   Dal Fleischer
Photo Archivist                 Galina Bogatch






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