Back in the U.S.S.R.

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There seem so many levels of incongruities in the decision for the Russians “legal” system to throw three young ladies (children really, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova 22, Maria Alyokhina 24, Yekaterina Samutsevich 30), for a 50 second outburst of song in Moscow’s Christ the Saviour Cathedral, into prison for a period of two years. The incongruities are magnified when considering the fact that Putin, a self admitted thug at the age of fifteen (now President of Russia only because of having abused the election rules himself), would probably still be in prison if his own sins would have been punished as severely pari passu.

Judge Marina Syrova who sentenced the group, known as Pussy Riot, seems to think that both Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church were victims of a vile plot to endanger the sensitivities of believers by this outburst.

The holy alliance between Vladimir Putin and the leader of the church, Patriarch Kirill, apparently established that limits to free speech not only be imposed by the State, but by God as well.

Mikhail Gorbachev is quoted as saying that this event was “a completely pointless undertaking that should never have gone to trial.” But to trial it went, making a mockery of the government, the justice system and the church, as well as ridiculing and revealing Putin and Kirill for the asses that they really are. Yeah God! But the Russians themselves are divided on the severity of the crime. To them Jesus seems to be a severe and critical parent who punishes those who would speak out for the freedom to speak out.

Of course with the experience of the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians behind them, the Russians already know the dangers of singing. James and Maureen Tusty’s documentary, The Singing Revolution (www., profoundly describes the dangers of singing to those who want to control the minds and voices of freedom.

And now their new upcoming documentary, Songs of Defiance (, shows how the Estonians used singing to overthrow Russian Czars as well. Singing truth to power is a known political weapon in Estonia (see the Songs of Defi ance article on page 12). This will not go over well in Russia, because singing changes minds and gives people courage, while bullets change attitudes and create fear.

It is up to the Russians to decide what they will tolerate or not tolerate within their own country, but the world is watching, and learning that what they do to their own is an indication of what they would do to others.

Born-again Christian, Vladimir Putin, who has only recently discovered his inner religion and Patriarch Kirill, who after all represents the voice of God, should both kneel before Him and ask the question “What would Jesus do?”


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