Who Is Entitled?

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Part I – J’accuse

The new generation-feeling the power of youth-wanting it all, expecting it all-lacking self discipline-no work ethic-no morality-seem to be embracing unethical behavior-arrogant to the point of viciousness. “How did this all happen?!”, we of the older generation lament. We despair about the future of mankind-because there is no one responsible to take over.

We of the old generation, who have clawed our way up, now cling onto our posts-hoping beyond hope that a miracle will occur and save this generation of do-nothings. We are vicious in our condemnation of the young people who dare tell us their ways are not our ways and we are the ones who have it wrong-and they are entitled to whatever they can get, however they can get it.

But we, the old, the decrepit, the feeble, are not ready to throw in the towel just yet. We think we will fix it all by reminding the young that you owe us for this good life you lead. Especially we, the old time politicos, look at your efforts to displace us in disdain. You know nothing, and now in your arrogance, think that you can just discard us? You are weak, you have no experience, you have no courage, and you certainly don’t have the toughness to do what it takes! We are entitled to rule the world that we created-for you-remember, we did it all for you-our children.

We created safety nets-pensions, health plans, insurance, and lifestyles that have not been achieved in the history of the world. You are miserable ingrates who can’t even bring yourselves to worship at the altar of our egos. You do not know our story of suffering, fighting and sacrifice to make this world safe for you. Remember, it is only since World War II that we as humans on this planet have been able to consume and indulge ourselves with impunity. It is not you who are the champions-it is us-we are the champions-my friends.

Remember, in the next decade the greatest transfer of wealth ever-from one generation to the next-will take place, and you the beneficiaries-be grateful.


Part II – Mea Maxima Culpa

As I, in my old age, hobble up and down the corridors of Semiahmoo Mall, I look around at the discontent and indifferent youth who bump into me and make my life a living hell. Do they not know I built this place-and many more like it-and I will soon leave it all behind for them. Treat me with a modicum of respect!

I am older now, and perhaps somewhat wiser (some might say, not so much, but who cares, soon I am gone and others will have to contend with all the problems I have created) and I leave with impunity-there is no one left to make me accountable or punish me more than I already do myself. Moreover, let’s just call problems, challenges. In this day and age how you word things is more important than what you mean.

In my more introspective moments, I want to retract all I have said and all I have done. I am desperate, I am scared, I am lonely, I am guilty, and soon I will be dead. They will find that out too, and they do they will not be forgiving of what I have done, and I deserve no less.

In the guise of capitalism, “I was a Fabian socialist at heart”. All those safety nets I created were for me-not for you-and I did it with such narcissistic alacrity and virtuosity. Not only did I steal your future, but that of your children. I created a mountain of wealth, but behind it all is a huge pit of debt and on the other side of the pit is a mountain of garbage, and the hole has been filled with a sea of pollutants. This is my legacy to you. I am so sorry.

I have stolen your future, and those of your children, and the only solution that is left is for you is to do the same or worse. We are predators, but unlike other species, we are clever and have devised ways to prey on the unborn. Yes we are the champions-of self indulgence, deceit, arrogance, and self deception. We have taught you well by example.


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