January February 2016

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January February 2016

Kiefer Sutherland! Who doesn’t know Kiefer, movie star, TV star and bon vivant. Well it seems most of us don’t know him- as well as Allison Patton, who got to know him real well – if you get what I mean. Turns out he is a great guy.
Stephan Littger is a writer, director and producer. An intelligent man by all accounts. Allison Patton, who seems to get around a lot these days, interviewed the man – and discovered his inner soulfulness.
Hank Leis is master of the Rant. He goes unloved because no one likes him. And of all things, he believes that if his rants get meaner, he’ll find people who will support his diatribes. Good luck to that!
Hank’s Christmas story is another one of his “poor me” stories about nothing. Coffee, tea, or me? Take the coffee.
Now for a real epic with a background of World War II and all the big players on a world stage- read Thomas Mets’ War and Terror: A Family History.
And of course there is more.



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