March April 2017 Bif Naked Issue

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March April 2017 Bif Naked Issue

The human condition is that they want to be like everyone else, yet distinguishable from others. So we want to be the same and different, an interesting contradiction. We all want to escape the huge hell hole called normal. In this issue Dr. Caleb Ng and Britany Snider interview the talented and extraordinary Bif Naked. She is unique, and has thousands of followers who appreciate everything about her.
Jungian Philosophy is about the duality of man. It is about exposing that mysterious side that rarely gets discussed, but still provides most of the magic in the world, where banal humans have on the whole become slaves to systems with survival as their defining object. Hank Leis interviews the enigmatic Jungian Psychologist, Chris Walker. It is really two friends sparring, based on the ability to thrust and parry in order to enhance the understanding and confusion of Jungian Psychology.
Andreas Chrysafis from Cyprus discusses the pipeline issues in the region. As well as being a writer and novelist, he is also a talented artist. He lives an extraordinary life on an extraordinarily beautiful island.
Mohamed Taher presents his story about the beautiful dancers from the Dance Company of Cairo with his amazing “on the street” photographs.
Our annual report on the Vancouver Web Fest nominees is included in this edition.
The RANT in this month’s issue, is more like a soulful plea for understanding, than the usual angry diatribes the writer is known for. His meanderings are of course made in segments over a three month recovery period from his heart attack.
And there is more. Laugh, learn, weep and criticize!



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