May June 2017 Calmes Issue

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May June 2017 Calmes Issue

Richard Calmes is the consummate artist. His photography is an art form depicting the performance of other artists. Calmes photographs dancers. His timing, to capture the precise moment at which the dancer has achieved the optimal desired position, must be impeccable.
His lighting must reflect the best of the dancers position at the instant it is taken while in full flight. The cover shot of Amanda Farris of Diablo Ballet of Walnut Creek, California, is an example of his incredible work. This issue features, what we consider, the best of Calmes’ genius.
Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. We have the photos of the guests attending the Vernissage of the Las Vegas opening of Mario Basner’s Tivoli Village exhibition. The event was visited by the who’s who of Las Vegas, including a special guest, Robin Leach of the TV series fame Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He is currently writing for The Review Journal, in Las Vegas.
Metanoia also covered the opening of the Trump Tower in Vancouver, all due to the kind invitation of Joo Kim Tiah, the CEO of the Holborn Group. The event was amazing in many ways and we have the photographs to prove it.
‘Ships Passing in the Night’ is really two stories; a trip to the Arctic on a ship that evolved into a yacht and travel by a young couple across Canada, then South to California and back East across the U.S. in a rebuilt old Cadillac.
And as always there is more. Much, much more.



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