September October 2017 Ivan Pili Issue

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September October 2017 Ivan Pili Issue

This is a rare issue. We feature five artists, each being so different in how they present life to the viewer that not one can be confused with another.
Ivan Pili (our cover feature) is an artist from the beautiful island of Sardinia. He is a recognized genius, having achieved a special status in art, music and engineering
at a young age. He, with his wife and child enjoy the delights of living the simple – yet profoundly artistic life
in Sardinia – a beautiful island which has retained its’ ancient beauty – until now.
Jack Vettriano is a prolific artist from Fife, Scotland – is a engineer as well. His art is found everywhere – with paintings of romance in a setting of the good life.
Carlo Báez Barrueto is a Chilean carver of wood, and Ronald Osbourne is the photographer of his art. Báez takes a raw piece of wood and gives it life in human form.
Sharon Weiser has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. In her paintings Sharon gives the flora of the desert a kind of vivid look that defies description. Seeing is truly believing.
And there is an update to events at Mario Basner’s gallery in Las Vegas. In a sense, he has become our man in Las Vegas. And we do mean that what happens in Vegas should not stay in Vegas. We will keep you well informed.
John Bell is a man of the world in many ways. He will provide our readers with his experiences in different parts of the planet. Many world leaders became his acquaintances and friends. He is a man who has hobnobbed with the rich and famous and will elaborate on his life experience in future issues as well.
Andreas Chrysafis continues to inform us about that fractured island Cyprus, where confrontations never cease. Turkey and Greece – have had peace make separate (the two enforces) contenders it seems like forever. Chrysafis elaborates on all of this.
Dr. Gordon Hogg and Dr. Donald J Bordeaux continue to elaborate on their views as academics. Hank Leis continues to Rant and of course there are
the stories of Paul Nijar and Governor General award winner Matt Hill.
And there is more….



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