The Greek origins of the word Metanoia [met-uh-noi-uh] convey the notion of an experience or a moment that is transformative.  In fact the change itself would be so remarkable as to shift paradigms and these shifts actually would cause a change in behavior and ultimately the consequences of those behaviors.  The articles in this magazine are intended to introduce a different way of thinking so that ideas and notions we take for granted can be reframed in such a way as to renew our life by making it more interesting, challenging, and rewarding.

Many of us have abandoned our intelligence, our ability to think, our various gifts for being able to create and instead joined the masses whose only goal is to perpetuate the species and dwell in a complacent and apathetic state amounting to nothing more than mere existence.

We at Metanoia believe we are all capable of more than that and more importantly we are able to generate epiphanous moments for you.  We hope that our plethora of deep-thinking writers will be able to transform your life into something meaningful and wondrous.  Every one of us, to a varying degree, has experienced these moments and most of us who have been so transformed are driven to rediscovering the process that first allowed us to enlightened clarity of mind.

In the last decade, scientific advancements have given insights into human phenomena that were previously thought science fiction, such as the viral theory as a contributing factor in the feeling of “love”.  Anthropologists may have noticed nuances in human behavior early in our development, but these scientific discoveries now actually explain the physiology of “metanoic thinking”.  Our own behaviors are being re-examined in light of these discoveries about brain function, and in particular that our usual way of thinking leads us to our usual results.  Moreover mostly we do not think – but react – not unlike reptiles – and this process does not always serve us well.

Man is evolving, and more and more the primitive fears that govern our behaviors are being discovered to be limiting rather than opportunistic.  What man is discovering about himself is what our revolution is all about; the beast within will soon be quelled and what will emerge is anybody’s guess.

Individually, the context of one man within a population of seven billion suggests his insignificance- let alone a lifetime in the span of eternity.  And yet we still have this narcissistic sense that our existence is of tremendous relevance.  And while there may be something to this belief, how do these enormous discrepancies in size and time fit together to explain the relevance of this epic story?  Simplified, what is the relevance of man making a living to pay for food and shelter to the formula E=mc2?  Our mission, certainly for Metanoia is to explore all those ideas, and to change ourselves and you in pursuit of this intelligence.  To put it another way, we want your brain to be engaged in ways it never has been before.  Are you ready for the challenge?